The modern fleet today – and in the future

Throughout more than half a century in business, Rederiet Nielsen & Bresling A/S have focused firmly on keeping their vessels well maintained and have continuously improved and updated the fleet.
Older, smaller vessels have been replaced by vessels with a larger capacity, and today the company’s fleet consists of three modern vessels, tailor-made for the transport of paper, which remains our primary area of business.

They are also well suited for transporting a broad range of other cargoes, such as woodpulp in units, steel coils, rice, phosphate, bentonite, grain products, windmill equipment, turbines, boilers and other heavy lift project cargoes.

All our vessels are built to ice class 1A standards which ensures that we always deliver on time, also during severe winters when the sea freezes over.

With three ships of 3,750 tons deadweight we have the necessary capacity to take on new cargoes and break into new markets.



We are proud of the excellent relationships we enjoy with our customers, the oldest of which started back in 1976. When Rederiet Nielsen & Bresling A/S was founded more than 50 years ago the aim was to create a company that customers could rely on and which met its contractual obligations.

That is still the idea on which we base our understanding of good customer service. It remains our objective to develop lasting relationships with shippers and receivers based on long term contracts.

We and our customers consider our position as one of the few remaining small shipping companies as a significant advantage. Our modest size means that we are able to maintain tight control over our transports and can provide the personal service which is important to our customers. Our goal is always to provide competitive, flexible and reliable transport that is tailored to our customers needs.


Our concept is based on loading as close to our customers’ factories as possible in order to ease transport and make it as quick and direct as possible. Even for small shipments our regular liner service represent an attractive alternative with benefits for both your company and for the environment.

Calculations show it is possible to save many tons of CO2 emissions by moving cargo from road to sea. A lorry with a trailer emits about 5 times the amount of CO2 emitted by the average ship per ton per kilometre. In other words, when BRES-LINE needs 15 litres of fuel to move 3,000 tons of cargo one kilometre, 120 lorries need 60 litres of fuel to move the same quantity the same distance.

In addition, sea transport does not require the infrastructure used by road transport, neither does it generate the levels of noise and traffic which is a consequence of transport by road.

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